2 Months of Love

I am going to dedicate the next 2 months to loving myself.  Does that sound selfish? Yes.  Will it actually be selfish? I hope not.

I’ve been thinking often about the ability to love.  It requires such patience to love people.  It also requires that you allow them to love you.  I think that both parts are equally difficult and also necessary. I think that learning to love people is the only way to form meaningful relationships.  I think that love is the thing that enables humans to reach across empty space and understand one another.  I think that love is the point. How silly does that sound? Is that cliche? Or naive? I’m not sure I care.

That is why I am going to work on loving myself.  How can we attempt to love our family? Our friends? Our partners? Until we love ourselves? This does not mean proclaiming loudly “I am a strong independent woman!”, as I often do.  This actually means being patient with myself, accepting who I am, and not trying to change myself!

I hope that over the next 2 months I can dedicate serious time to this love thing.  Somedays it may just mean taking the time to write in my journal.  Other days it may mean spending a whole 24hrs out in the woods doing something I love.  Today it meant watching a great movie with my mom, writing in my journal, and then making this promise to myself!

Maybe I will try to post everyday.  I don’t know, I just came up with this idea so I might change my mind about that part!